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Book Chapters

Peaks and Troughs: Economics and Political Economy of Central Bank Independence Cycles, with Donato Masciandaro. In “The Economics of Central Banking”, edited by David Mayes, Pierre Siklos and Jan-Egbert Strum, Oxford University Press Handbooks in Economics, 2019.
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[Book] [Working Paper Version]

Other Publications

Central Bank Reforms and Institutions with Oana Peia. ifo DICE Report 1/2019, April 2019.

Working Papers

Do Women Matter in Monetary Policymaking?, with Donato Masciandaro and Paola Profeta, BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Research Paper No. 2018-88, 2018.
[Working Paper Version] [Local Copy[Media coverage: VoxEU; Vox Talks; Wall Street JournalWorld Economic Forum; Mint; Banque de FranceNews Summed Up]

The political economy of reforms in central bank design: evidence from a new dataset, BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Research Paper No. 2018-87, 2018.
[Working Paper Version] [Local Copy] [Slides] [Media coverage:]

Gender and Monetary Policymaking: Trends, Drivers and Effects, with Donato Masciandaro and Paola Profeta, BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Research Paper No. 2015-12, 2015.
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Banking Supervision and External Auditors: What Works Best?, with Donato Masciandaro, BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Research Paper No. 2017-47, 2016. Submitted.
[Working Paper Version]

Did bank lending stifle innovation in Europe during the Great Recession?, with Oana Peia. [Working Paper Version]


FDI Flows in Europe: Endogeneity and Credibility, by Aleksandar Stojkov and Thierry Warin, ASSA/AEA Annual Meeting,  2018.

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